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Writing Press Releases


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 (This article was originally published at Suite 101.com.  It appears with their permission as per the contributing writer agreement)

Press Releases

We’ve now talked about sending Newsletters to your current fans but how do you issue general announcements to people who may never have heard of you? For that you may need to write a press release. Press releases are a means to make important announcements such as the release of new CDs, new contracts or endorsements, new concert or tour plans. You might want to let a larger slice of the general public know about these events using a press release.

Do I need a Press Release?

The first step is to evaluate whether or not your news is worthy of a press release. Creating a new press release for every concert or tour date is excessive. You need to pare that down to a single announcement of your tour then figure out who would be interested in this news. Remember that a press release is a tool but it should not be misused or you will find that many outlets will stop running them. When deciding whether or not you should write a press release ask yourself is this news item something that my fans would like to know or is this something of which a broader group should be aware. You will need to look at targeting the market that is affected by your tour. One idea is to send a press release to those media outlets that operate and distribute in the geographical markets where you’ll be touring. Another approach would be to focus on only those media outlets that cover your genre of music. As with any advertising, be selective and know your audience.

How do I write a Release?

Take a professional approach by writing about the band in third person as if a reporter was writing an article on the band. If it’s a story about the band going on tour, you might start the article with the some of the details of the tour. Include the facts of the tour (who, what, when, where) but keep the article short as you don’t want overwhelm readers with every detail on each venue. Provide your contact information or the address (URL) of a web page where you list all your tour information.

Put a little time and thought into your headline. The headline is what is in newsletters and newsfeeds so try to create an interest in your article. Choose your words carefully to excite interest while remembering that this is a professional communication and stay away from shock or schlock statements.

If you wanted to personalize the press release, come up with a good quote from you or your band mates regarding how much you look forward to the tour or an anecdote about one of the tour stops if you’ve visited it before. If you have a great relationship with one of the venue operators, you might even get a quote from them. Whatever you include in your release, above all keep it short.

If you are writing about your new CD, try to excite interest in your band without the hard sell of ‘Buy my CD Now!’ To create interest you might want to pull together some quotes from reviews, particularly if you have been favorably compared to a well-known artist in your genre. Write about what is new and unique about your music and how listeners can sample what is on your new CD. I’ve known artists that included information on unique instruments that they have used on their CD or written a more general article on using recording gear that mentioned their new release.

Things not to Forget in Your Press Release

As with any publicity materials you need to include the following:

  • Contact Information including telephone numbers, contact names, web sites and email addresses

  • Addresses (URLs) and/or links to web pages with additional information about the subject of the release

  • Headline

  • Dateline

A sample of a good basic template for a press release is located at on the press-release-writing.com site at http://www.press-release-writing.com/press-release-template.htm.

Where can I distribute my Press Release?

There are several places that offer bands the ability to list their news in a daily, weekly newsletter that they produce. Some of the better sites are:


Some press release writing and distribution sites are fee-based services. The following is a list of some of the better services:

Questions or comments? please feel free to contact the writer at: wbeck@eigg.com