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 Our Publicist lives a double life here at Eigg Island Sound.  She works as a contributing editor at Suite101.com.  Her area of interest is publicity for the Indie Artist.  As a courtesy to our site visitors we offer the following articles. Check back to see the latest:

Getting Started With Your Press Kit
 (originally appeared  May 7, 2001)

An article that covers the fundamentals of your press kit.  Why you need it, What should go in it, and the always important What to forget.

Keeping In Touch  (originally appeared  May 7, 2001)

An article stressing the importance of keeping in touch with the variety of people that you meet in the music business.  It contains tips on how to organize the your contact information. 

Writing A Newsletter
(originally appeared  July 25, 2001)

This article covers the importance of keeping your friends and fans informed of what is going on with your band.  It outlines creative ideas of what you can put in your newsletter that will engage your readers. 

About Reviews
(originally appeared  September 27, 2001)

How to get reviews and then how to survive the awful ones.

Your Music and MP3s
(originally appeared October 31, 2001)

The nuts and bolts of MP3s and music on the Internet.  Information about where to list your music and how to create MP3s.

Writing a Press Release
(originally appeared November 25, 2001)

Do you have information that is worthy of a press release? Where do you send it? What goes in it?

For more information about articles, please feel free to contact me at: wbeck@eigg.com